Sweet Poison: Why Saccharide Is Ruining Our Health

The average Briton consumes 238 teaspoons of refined saccharify each calendar week - oftentimes without knowing it. But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify free? 

Like it or lump it, few of us acquire through the 24-hour interval without adding refined saccharify to our daily diet. We are a Pavlovian population made upwardly of sugar, treacle together with toffee addicts, drawn to the sense of savor of sweetness similar bees to honey. So ingrained is our wish that fifty-fifty writing well-nigh refined saccharify at nowadays is sending my salivary glands into overdrive equally my encephalon reacts to the rattling thought of it, whizzing neurotransmitters closed to to prepare my torso for some serious glucose action. Perhaps you, piece reading this, are reaching – almost unwittingly – for a chocolate Hobnob? 
  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health
But that’s non a problem, is it? We could halt together with eat a slice of cheese instead – whatever fourth dimension nosotros wanted. Or could we?

Maybe not. It seems that our wish to charge upwardly alongside refined saccharify regularly may non hold out the cheeky reward-cum-energy boost nosotros think it is. Increasingly, experts believe nosotros tin hold out genuinely addicted to sugar. French scientists inwards Bordeaux reported that inwards brute trials, rats chose refined saccharify over cocaine (even when they were addicted to cocaine), together with speculated that no mammals’ sweetness receptors are naturally adapted to the high concentrations of sweetness tastes on offering inwards modern times. They worried, inwards a newspaper published inwards 2007, that the intense stimulation of these receptors yesteryear our typical 21st-century sugar-rich diets must generate a supra-normal vantage signal inwards the brain, alongside the potential to override self-control mechanisms together with thence to Pb to addiction.

So if you lot experience similar you lot are craving a chocolatey treat, that craving is to a greater extent than than simply a figure of speech. You may hold out ane of the world’s most mutual dependants: a refined saccharify addict.
But bring heart. Around the world, a growing torso of goodness view – the 'No Sugar’ motion – is leading a global fightback together with alert that our sweetness habit is completely out of control, leaving a nasty sense of savor inwards the oral cavity of the torso public. Sugar, whether added to nutrient yesteryear you lot or the manufacturer, is the greatest threat to human health, bar none, they say. And unless nosotros wise upwardly together with quit en masse, nosotros don’t simply opportunity personal obesity together with disease, but national bankruptcy together with collapse equally the toll our sick wellness takes on our countries’ economies threatens to destabilise the modern world.

The motion is led yesteryear Robert Lustig, professor of paediatric endocrinology at University of California, San Francisco, author of Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar, numerous scientific together with press articles, together with presenter of “Sugar: the Bitter Truth”, a YouTube clip viewed to a greater extent than than 3,300,000 times. But 'No Sugar’ proponents also include Australian author David Gillespie, author of Sweet Poison together with the novel Sweet Poison Quit Plan, simply out inwards the UK, equally good equally actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who reveals inwards her novel cookbook It’s All Good that her occupation solid unit of measurement are non permitted to eat whatever refined carbs (let lone sugar), together with fifty-fifty Andy Burnham, the Opposition Health Secretary, who called inwards Jan for high-sugar children’s foods such equally Frosties together with Sugar Puffs to hold out banned yesteryear politicians. 

  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health

Lustig leads the land alongside his alert that non all calories are equal, because non all monosaccharides – the simplest forms of sugar, the edifice blocks of all carbohydrates – are equal.
At a basic level, sucrose, or tabular array refined saccharify (which is made upwardly of equal molecules of the monosaccharides fructose together with glucose) is non metabolised inwards the same way that a saccharide such equally flour is.
He explains: ''An analysis of 175 countries over the yesteryear decade showed that when you lot human face for the drive of type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes, the total issue of calories you lot eat is irrelevant. It’s the specific calories that count. When people ate 150 calories to a greater extent than every day, the charge per unit of measurement of diabetes went upwardly 0.1 per cent. But if those 150 calories came from a tin of fizzy drink, the charge per unit of measurement went upwardly 1.1 per cent. Added refined saccharify is xi times to a greater extent than strong at causing diabetes than full general calories.”
Why is this? Well, human face to a greater extent than closely through the microscope, together with Lustig (and others) believe it is the fructose molecule inwards refined saccharify that is to blame.

Lustig explains that instead of helping to sate us, some scientists believe that fructose fools our brains into thinking nosotros are non full, so nosotros overeat. Moreover, excess fructose cannot hold out converted into loose energy yesteryear the mitochondria within our cells (which perform this function). “Instead,” he explains, “they plough excess fructose into liver fat. That starts a cascade of insulin resistance (insulin promotes refined saccharify uptake from blood) which leads to chronic metabolic disease, including diabetes together with see disease.”
Look online together with you’ll meet fructose described equally “fruit sugar” – it’s the nutrient that nature set into apples together with pears to entice humans (and birds) to eat them. So produce nosotros halt eating fruit inwards venture to become sugar-free? It’s non that easy. Fruit is sweetened yesteryear fructose but it doesn’t comprise rattling much, although you lot nevertheless shouldn’t eat rattling sweetness fruit similar grapes together with melon to excess.
  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health
The occupation lies inwards sources of sweetness similar corn syrup, agave or maple syrup together with honey, which comprise a higher pct of fructose than fruit, particularly if they receive got been processed, important additional fructose is added in. Some agave nectars, for example, tin hold out 92 per cent fructose, 8 per cent glucose.
The nutrient manufacture loves these sweeteners, particularly high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), equally they brand every type of nutrient to a greater extent than palatable – from soup to bagels, ketchup to bread. In the United States, HFCS is particularly pop next governmental production quotas of domestic sugar, subsidies of US corn, together with an import tariff on unusual sugar, making HFCS super cheap. As a liquid, it is also easier to blend together with transport. In particular, it is used inwards low-fat foods (which would otherwise taste, says Lustig, “like cardboard”). His theory goes a long way to explaining why the low-fat diets which rose to popularity inwards the Seventies receive got coincided alongside a ascent inwards obesity together with related illnesses.

So earlier you lot tin think well-nigh giving these sweeteners up, you lot receive got to plough label detective – together with discovery them.
Thousands of miles away, nodding inwards agreement, is David Gillespie, a Brisbane-based lawyer turned researcher whose Sweet Poison books nautical chart his ain conclusion to halt eating sugar, resulting inwards him losing half-dozen stone without dieting inwards a year. He explains: “You are breaking an addiction, so you lot take away to halt consuming all sources of the addictive substance. They are all hard to surrender because they are addictive – but they are all slow to surrender in ane trial you lot empathise what you lot are doing together with why.”

He adds: “Your palate adjusts significantly together with speedily when you lot delete sugar. You tin all of a abrupt experience a whole hit of flavours that either you lot didn’t know existed earlier or were muted yesteryear the presence of sugar. One affair people oftentimes remark on after they’ve been off refined saccharify for a calendar month or so is that all of a abrupt they tin odour it. They tin enjoin you lot where the confectionery aisle or the breakfast cereal aisle is inwards a unusual supermarket yesteryear odour alone.” What worries Gillespie, though, is non the candy yesteryear the checkout – but the fructose lurking inwards your ready-meal. “Very few of us are making witting decisions well-nigh the refined saccharify nosotros eat,” he says. “The average Briton is consuming to a greater extent than than a kilo – 238 teaspoonfuls – a week, but I bet they’d hold out flummoxed accounting for to a greater extent than than a few teaspoons of that. Sugar is deeply together with thoroughly embedded inwards our nutrient supply.” 
  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health

He’s right. We’re buying fewer bags of granulated sugar. And Defra statistics exhibit that we’re consuming fewer calories from “free sugars” such equally tabular array sugar, love together with sugars institute naturally inwards fruit juices – although at 13.9 per cent that is nevertheless higher than the recommended xi per cent nosotros should hold out aiming for – than inwards previous years.

Even the actual issue of calories nosotros eat has fallen: Defra figures exhibit that at that topographic point has been a long-term downward tendency inwards loose energy intake since 1964, alongside average loose energy intake per mortal 28 per cent lower inwards 2010 than inwards 1974.

Yet, obesity rates locomote on to rise: currently 26 per cent of Britons are obese, one-half of us are overweight. This is a mighty problem: direct costs caused yesteryear obesity are at nowadays estimated to hold out £5.1billion per year. Obesity is associated alongside cardiovascular opportunity together with alongside cancer, disability during former age, decreased life expectancy together with serious chronic weather such equally type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis together with hypertension.

Like Lustig, Gillespie sees our inate weight occupation equally connected to the ascent inwards consumption of hidden sugar.
Unlike Lustig, Gillespie’s ideas were inspired personally, from looking downward at a belly that was expanding twelvemonth on merciless year, regardless of what trendy diet he tried.

“In 2002, my married adult woman Lizzie together with I had iv kids nether the historic stream of nine,” he explains, “when I reached my maximum weight of xx stone [127kg].” (Gillespie is 5ft 9in.) “I felt lethargic together with unwell most of the time.
 When Lizzie announced our 5th kid was to hold out twins, I had to produce something.”

Gillespie began reading John Yudkin’s volume Pure, White together with Deadly, published inwards 1972, which also showed that consumption of refined saccharify together with refined sweeteners is closely associated alongside long-term disease.

  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health

Fascinated, Gillespie soaked upwardly inquiry papers which connected fructose (in particular) to obese liver disease, to appetite stimulation, together with to gout, diabetes, retentivity loss and, of course, obesity. He was shocked to larn “how many of our organs refined saccharify systematically destroys without symptoms until it is besides late. First the liver, together with so the pancreas, together with so the kidneys, together with ultimately the heart.”

The to a greater extent than he learnt, the to a greater extent than Gillespie was determined to produce something well-nigh his ain eating habits. “I stopped eating refined saccharify together with directly started losing weight – without adjusting anything else well-nigh how I lived.”

For Gillespie, the weight started dropping directly away, but the sense of addiction took a niggling longer to go:

“At the two-four calendar week grade I noticed I was no longer craving nutrient together with inwards item I could locomote out things which I would receive got institute hard to bypass before.

“But I wasn’t feeling deprived. I ate what I wanted together with equally long equally it didn’t comprise sugar, the weight kept coming off. I had stumbled upon a way of fixing what had patently been a broken appetite command organisation upwardly to that betoken inwards my life.”

But at that topographic point were setbacks: “I discovered the addictive powerfulness of refined saccharify early on inwards the process. I was out at a fundraiser together with was served upwardly a chocolate cake. I’d been off refined saccharify for well-nigh a calendar month together with I didn’t wish to waste product it, so I ate it. I figured I’d hold out all right, but how incorrect I was.
  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health
“The adjacent 24-hour interval I had constant cravings for refined saccharify together with the gnawing wish to eat together with drinkable everything available – clearly I’d crossed a threshold together with needed to become through refined saccharify withdrawal again. I did, together with 2 weeks afterward was in ane trial once to a greater extent than able to walk yesteryear chocolate without feeling whatever item longing.”
His occupation solid unit of measurement were non left behind. “The kids didn’t similar it,” he says, “but eventually they got used to it together with their palates adjusted. Now they are pretty pleased alongside teeth that don’t receive got cavities, rarely getting colds together with feeling energetic, alongside none of the highs together with lows that come upwardly alongside refined saccharify eating.”

That mood roller-coaster is ane of the reasons Gwyneth Paltrow, inwards a spider web log entry on her website Goop, gives for quitting sugar: “Sugar gives you lot an initial high, together with so you lot crash, together with so you lot crave more, so you lot eat to a greater extent than sugar. It’s this serial of highs together with lows that provoke unnecessary stress on your adrenals. You acquire anxious, moody (sugar is a mood-altering drug) together with eventually you lot experience exhausted.”

So is it fourth dimension for everyone to receive got a life of total abstinence? Not so fast, says the British Dietetic Association (BDA). “Sugar is non bad for you lot equally part of a balanced diet,” says dietitian Sylvia Turner. “It has an of import role inwards providing flavor together with texture to foods. Just remember, refined saccharify contains calories but few nutrients, so eating besides much added refined saccharify together with sugary nutrient together with drinks instead of other salubrious foods tin brand your diet less nutritious.”

She adds: “Some inquiry suggests that sugary drinks arrive harder for us to regulate the overall amount of calories eaten together with a regular intake may hold out a ingredient contributing to obesity inwards children.”

And non all scientists handgrip alongside Lustig: a US study published terminal summertime inwards the mag Diabetes Care suggested that fructose could receive got a positive role to play inwards the rule of blood refined saccharify inwards type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes. Even so, Gillespie points out: “The populace receive got taken to the 'No Sugar’ movement. In Australia, hundreds of thousands of people receive got successfully quit sugar.”

And in ane trial the conclusion is made, it tin hold out stuck to. “It’s no item feat of willpower,” he promises. “I simply brand certain I don’t inadvertently eat fructose together with the ease takes attention of itself. My weight stays the same together with I eat together with do usually (not similar a mortal on a diet). I am no to a greater extent than tempted to eat refined saccharify in ane trial to a greater extent than than a smoker who has successfully quit for 10 years would hold out tempted to lite upwardly again.”

Are you lot addicted to sugar?
  1.  Do you lot struggle to walk yesteryear a sugary care for without taking 'just one’?
  2. Do you lot receive got routines closed to refined saccharify consumption – for example, ever having pudding, or needing a slice of chocolate to relax inwards front end of the television?
  3. Are at that topographic point times when you lot experience equally if you lot cannot become on without a refined saccharify hit?
  4. If you lot are forced to become without refined saccharify for 24 hours, produce you lot prepare headaches together with mood swings
If you lot answered 'yes’ to ane of the questions above, you lot are addicted.

  But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health

I did my grade inwards hotel administration together with catering, together with I’ve run a corner store for to a greater extent than than xxx years. I’ve ever been aware of the dangers of refined saccharify together with I shout out back reading a volume well-nigh it called Pure, White together with Deadly yesteryear John Yudkin, well-nigh v years earlier I started working at the shop.

I’ve got a rattling addictive nature together with although I’ve managed to completely maintain away from the other addictive together with unsafe products nosotros sell – alcohol together with tobacco – for to a greater extent than than xx years, I’ve ever had a occupation alongside sugar.

I’m lucky plenty to hold out married to a superb cook, Sue, who has ever prepared meals from natural ingredients, so I don’t eat ready-meals together with I’ve never taken refined saccharify inwards my tea together with coffee. It’s really the hidden, refined refined saccharify inwards other products that has been my downfall.

I think the principal difficulty is that nosotros piece of work quite long hours, together with it’s the easiest affair inwards the globe for someone alongside a corner store to become together with receive got a Magnum or a handful – together with I hateful a handful – of chocolate Freddos or jelly babies, or a cherry muffin. You experience similar the refined saccharify rush volition acquire you lot through the hours.
Then well-nigh 8 years ago, I started to receive got serious wellness problems. I had an upset tum all the time, I lost a lot of weight, together with I really felt rotten. The MD diagnosed IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) together with told me to eat to a greater extent than fibre. I together with so did a niggling extra self-diagnosis together with had a stool seek done, which revealed I had a Candida problem; this agency bad pathogenic bacteria inwards my gut, which were feeding on the refined saccharify I was eating.

I started taking probiotics together with stayed completely away from all types of refined saccharify for a year, important no sweets or fizzy drinks together with also no fruit for the kickoff duet of months. I could experience the benefits of it reasonably quickly, together with gradually I got better.
 But simply how hard is it to become refined saccharify gratis Sweet poison: why refined saccharify is ruining our health

However, simply similar every smoker who has tried to quit, I felt that I’d cracked giving upwardly refined saccharify together with ane chocolate bar wouldn’t produce me whatever harm. From at that topographic point it was a slippery slope, equally ane became 3 inwards a duet of days, together with 3 became fifty-fifty to a greater extent than after that. I didn’t acquire equally sick in ane trial to a greater extent than together with didn’t necessarily realise I had whatever symptoms from returning to sugar, but gradually I did acquire to a phase where I’d experience so tired during the 24-hour interval that I absolutely had to receive got a refined saccharify rush. Even beingness to a greater extent than aware of the dangers of refined saccharify since I’ve been sick hasn’t really stopped me going for that striking on a regular basis.

Personally, I produce believe that refined saccharify is a poison. But this has nevertheless non stopped me poisoning myself on a regular footing over the years. At the 2nd I am trying, in ane trial again, to rest clear.


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